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Backgrounder to “Rare French Sports GT cars since 1950”   Richard Gray


Citroen DS 19 GT Bossaert

This is a place where I will share articles from research I have compiled over a number of years on rare / specialist post 1950 French Sports Cars. I have posted all the articles I have written to date, but will be working on new ones as time permits and posting them when completed.

You will have to excuse any errors but I invite you to add comments, corrections or updates below!  In many ways, it is an attempt to redress the imbalance created by the ‘not made here’ or ‘not available here’ mentality that seems to pervade most English language publications  …it is hard to find any decent material on anything other than mainstream European enthusiast cars.

However, because I live far away in New Zealand, I have had little direct access to any data so what I have done is collect everything I can about each car and compare it for best fit – a bit like piecing a jigsaw puzzle together. Sometimes the most often repeated ‘fact’ about a car doesn’t seem to properly fit the picture… and then after much perseverance something turns up that makes more sense. And that’s how the stories have more-or-less evolved.

Veyrat 630_06

I have endeavoured to cover everything I can about each car and the people behind them when the information is relevant, because in most cases there is unlikely to be a second chance to tell the full tale… This is why I am unlikely to write about Renault Alpine for example, as there exist some very good books on Alpine already… it is best to understand that for me this is not a competition, or an attempt to make an income (although that would be nice!), it is an attempt to tell the stories of those sporting cars overlooked by history because they are deemed insignificant. The stories are essentially about the cars, and cars include initial design, construction and development, the thoughts and aspiration of the team behind the car, technical details specific to the car, and production and racing history…  and driving!

As stated elsewhere, I am an enthusiast at heart – I own one of only 4 or 5 Renault Clio 255 Sports existent in New Zealand. I also have a personal and professional interest in the whole spectrum of things that makes up any given vehicle. I hope this show’s in the articles.  Enjoy!

Sincerely, Richard


photos in order:  Citroen DS 19 GT Bossaert,   Veyrat 630,   Mega Track


7 thoughts on “A background to the Site

    1. Thank you for your story and photos. I have a lot more cars to do, as you will well know, but in recent times I have been to occupied with other matters. All the best, Richard


  1. Hello from England, Richard,
    I congratulate you on your excellent article on the French Velam and record breaker. I have been an Isetta owner and enthusiast for 38 years, yet i never knew about the Velam Record car, so you have simultaneously created and filled a huge gap which I didn’t know existed in my Isetta / VELAM / Romi / ISO knowledge.
    I maintain a Yahoo group called isettaWorld on behalf of the Isetta Owners Club of GB and from time to time I write articles for The Gazetta, our magazine, so could I please beg your permission to feature extracts from your article in a future issue ? Full credit would of course be given to you.
    Many Thanks, and again Congratulations for your article.
    Terry Parkin


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