Moynet 68 & 75

Moynet 75
Moynet 75

The original Moynet 68

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At the beginning of 1968 André Moynet, ex-fighter pilot – Knighted for his daring exploits during WW2, ex-Government minister and arch-engineer-enthusiast of fast cars, boats and planes, decided to create a new sportscar primarily with racing in mind…
The original Moynet 68

Initially he recruited Jacques Hubert to develop a brand new chassis for the 1968 Le Mans race.  Hubert had just finished designing the new Elina Formula France single-seater for Jean Pierre Beltoise, However, progress was not fast enough to make the start of the up-coming Le Mans event so Moynet aquired a Costin Nathan ply-wood monocoque chassis instead that used lightweight sub frames front and rear.  However, the car remained known as the Moynet MH68 (for Moynet Hubert 1968).

For engines Moynet first contacted Honda and Renault but nothing eventuated, so he decided to fit a Simca engine taken from their 1200 S Coupé tuned with twin Solex carburettors that gave 102bhp. Because the equivalent Renault engine rotates in the opposite direction, a Renault transaxle was used to accommodate mid-engine location. This car ran at the event, but not without troubles…

Moynet 75 at Le Mans

Jump forward 7 years and Moynet had a new version of the same car ready to go. Some say it was the same car with new chassis – one from the Simca-CG MC (never said but I think MC stood for Matra-Chrysler). However, Moynet did not promote this aspect of the car and so called it the Moynet LM75. It also used the 2-litre engine from the CG which by now was falling behind in the power race, especially for running at Le Mans with less power than the later ‘sprint’ motors used by CG. This car had an all women-driver line-up for Le Mans that year which was probably a ‘cunning’ publicity move.

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