UMAP introduction

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Factory Application of Modern Plastics (or in French: “L’Usine Moderne d’Application Plastique” – from which the name UMAP is derived) was a French company located in Bernon between 1956 and 60. It was founded by Camille Martin and based on the mechanicals of the 425cc Citroen 2CV. UMAP certainly made something both stylish and sporting out of the little 2CV, but the lack of support from Citroen and the consequent price made it hard to survive as the car was finished to quite a high standard and presented itself as a mini grand tourer..

umap interior

The first car was shown at the 1956 Paris salon. The body is made from fibreglass and there is some suggestion that it was originally styled by Gessalin of CG. However, read the full article and you may find other views… It was produced over two years with slightly tuned versions of the original motor, but the supply line of parts was expensive and after a run of about 50 or so cars the company stopped trading.

Click on this link to read the full 6-page article:  UMAP – Final

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