CALLISTA to ARISTA  introduction

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Callista car number 56, the 1950 Le Mans car as it is today.

While Arista is the name far better remembered both as a car and in association with the early career of the prolific designer Jacques Durand, the marque began life several years before as the Callista. The Callista emerged in the late 1940s, the product of two men by the name of Antonio Monge, proprietor of a race-car preparation business and Robert Rowe, an electrical engineer. They had met in 1941 when they worked together for a large electrical company called Fulmen where they made small battery-powered electric vehicles for the French government…

Ranelagh Sport
Ranelagh Sport: the road going version of the 1951 Le Mans Car.

There were three distinct phases, represented loosely by the three accompanying photos; Callista, Arista Rallye, and the final stage, Arista JD – JD standing for J Durand. All were based on the twin cylinder Panhard and its running gear, tracing a path from the early Dyna to the last Tigre.

In the early days racing formed an important promotional function for the company, with a Monge tuned 610cc engine and an all up weight of 550 kg. However, from there they branched out into a number of different road focused models.

Why Callista to Arista?  Well, I think that is better left to the main article 🙂

 The one-off Arista Auteuil

The one-off Arista Auteuil
Arista JD with hatch open
Arista JD through the rear hatch.

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