Ailef 696 and 700, 808

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It looks like Ailef is up and running again. To be a little different this time, below is a direct Google translation off their website home page (added words in Italics).

It is interesting watching the various blog sites to see how some liked the road-going 696 and saw it as a car in its own right, while others denigrated it saying it was just another (lowly) replica. Anyone aware of past automotive engineering will likely recall Herb Adams who made his name within Pontiac and Chevrolet developing special go-fast versions of the Trans-Am and Camaro. After leaving GM he developed a Trans-Am for his son driving in the opposing USAC series. He also built a small sportscar based on the VW Golf (Rabbit in the USA), called the Jack Rabbit and a 427 Shelby Cobra Replica. Both used alloy chassis. When I asked him why not his own car rather than a replica, he replied something like… no one wants an original, they all want copies of Cobra’s etc.

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And herein lies the rub for Ailef. They chose to develop a special version of a very special small Ferrari, as that sells better than something new, individual but unknown…


Above Picture taken from U-tube clip.

“She (Ailef) was born in the Grenoble area in 1989 from the meeting of Daniel RIGOLET and other passionate entrepreneurs automobile and technology.
The first, former engineer Politecnic society, to its credit several league titles in France rallycross ( Jean-Pierre BELTOISE, Max MAMERS) carries a well advanced project on paper AX 4WD ROC 2.5l engine, intended for emerging Andros trophy.
The others look forward to the championship formula Renault whose recent amendment of Regulation (tubular frame including) rebalances chances while offering a young medium, dynamic and financially affordable to promote the image of their companies. Both projects will be realized. The AX will be initiated several successful seasons at the Andros Trophy by Denis MARCEL structure. At the wheel will succeed Denis MARCEL, the instigator of the project, and renowned drivers like Jean-Pierre BELTOISE, Jean-Pierre JARIER, Jerome Bertrand POLICAND and other BALAS … The AILEF 390, Renault Formula One car was completed in in August 1990 and began racing in Lédenon. Led by David GAVIGNAUD she quickly demonstrates huge potential confirmed by Olivier PANIS who extensively tests at Paul Ricard under the expert eye of Gerard CAMILLI. Lack of funds, it cannot be confirmed (continuted…).”


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Click this link for full article:  AILEF – Final