Luka Design – Silver Bee, Turtle & more

Luka Silver Bee introduction

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Above: Turtle

The Silver Bee was a product of Luka Design, a design house founded in 1995 by Lucas Bignon. Lucas studied Product Design at the School of Fine Arts at the Université de Toulouse, after which he worked in Latin America on car product design.

From there he worked in the movie industry in LA – no not as an actor, then returned to Europe to work on a special series of projects headed by one of Europe’s most ‘out-there’ designers. One of these cars, a road car, recorded 270mph at Bonneville in 1997.

However, Bignon hankered to run a studio of his own to produce one-off designs that others might take up and produce, and possibly small runs of specialist vehicles of its own making.

The story of Luka Design is long and convoluted, as is the case for many of these smaller design houses. The Silver Bee was based around a 2-litre sports racing car that Luka had connections with, and was hoped by Bignon to be an attractive proposition for some small specialist concern.

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Other variations and interestingly different concepts have been developed along the way, including motorcycles and a very modern take on the Morgan 3-wheeler concept. And of course, again, like most small design businesses; fashion ware, modern office furniture and equipment and much more forms the bulk of the company’s business and income. All interesting stuff that is too much to condense into a short introduction. Just read the main article and you will see… J  And for the record, Luka Design is still in operation at 60 rue Etienne Dolet, 94230, Cachan, just South of Central Paris.





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