ATLA introduction          Click this link for full article:   ATLA – Final The mechanical world of Jacques Durand began commercially in 1943 with high revving miniature petrol engines that ranged between 0.9cc to 30cc. His first car, the Atla, came some-what later in 1957 when a customer and racing driver named Vinatier… Read More Atla


BARBIER introduction         Click this link for full article:  Barbier – Final At the end of the main article there is a picture of an unidentified vehicle that resembles other Barbier coupes and which appeared among material on Barbier with the question, is this a later unidentified car? On reflection I think… Read More Barbier

Helem V6

Helem introduction                           Click this link for full article: HELEM V6 – Final The original Helem was designed and manufactured by R.J. Racing, so named after Jean-Michel ROY and his British partner Brian JOHNSON. Somehow they managed to get   Renault’s permission to use the Sport Spider chassis as the car’s basis. The Spider was Renault’s counterpart to… Read More Helem V6

LEM Moana

LEM Moana introduction                                   Click this link for full article: LEM Moana – Final Launched at the end of 1971, the idea in its constructors mind was a basic sports car born out of the beach buggy concept. It was an idea that had started to gain some traction in other countries where VW buggies were popular.… Read More LEM Moana