UMAP introduction Click this link to read the full 6 page article; UMAP – FINAL Factory Application of Modern Plastics (or in French: “L’Usine Moderne d’Application Plastique” – from which the name UMAP is derived) was a French company located in Bernon between 1956 and 60. It was founded by Camille Martin and based on the… Read More UMAP


Mismaque  introduction Click on this link to read the full 10 page article:  Mismaque – Final The story of Mismaque began with a meeting between Guy Mismaque and Paul Guitton at the Paris Motor Show 1956. They meet at the stand of the small sporting car company, Brissonneau & Lotz where Guitton was working. Paul… Read More Mismaque

Marathon Corsaire

MARATHON  introduction Click on this link to read the full 6-page article: Marathon Corsaire – Final Marathon was a small French automobile manufacturer established prior to 1951 by a group of engineers under the direction of rally enthusiast Bernard Denis. Prototypes for a lightweight sports coupé were presented at various motor shows starting with the 1951 Frankfurt… Read More Marathon Corsaire