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Mismaque rear

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The story of Mismaque began with a meeting between Guy Mismaque and Paul Guitton at the Paris Motor Show 1956. They meet at the stand of the small sporting car company, Brissonneau & Lotz where Guitton was working. Paul thought Guy was a potential client potential and engaged him in a lengthy conversation and review of their little convertible on display.

However, after checking the car more fully, Mismaque started to describe how he would have seen this car – with a multi-tubular frame, a more streamlined body and a motor mounted further back. For some time Mismaque attempted to convince Guitton that he could build a more efficient and less expensive car in its own way. Fourteen months later, he presented to Guitton the plaster model of his Mismaque Sport. Over the following three years, Mismaque continued to upgrade his small coupé and send material on the improvements by post for Guitton’s perusal and comment.

Work continued like this to 1959 when the plans were finally finalised. At this point Guitton, an automotive engineer himself, made suggestions for further production oriented improvements, and for some practical simplifications that would also save further weight.

This first car at least was Citroen 2CV powered and must be a contender for the worlds lightest ‘production’ car… Later variants received tuned Simca engines of around 1300cc. Naturally, they were heavier too yet still light enough to keep someone like Colin Chapman happy should it have been turned out by his Lotus factory. Just how many were build remains a mute question – just a handful at the most. There are even suggestions that the blue car pictured is just the 2CV prototype re-engineered to take the bigger Simca engine! If this is true, then it was pretty comprehensively changed structurally and in the suspension.

Please read the full article for a much more detailed account.  Mismaque – article

mismaque 2


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