Marathon Corsaire

MARATHON  introduction


Click on this link to read the full 6-page article: Marathon Corsaire – Final

Marathon was a small French automobile manufacturer established prior to 1951 by a group of engineers under the direction of rally enthusiast Bernard Denis. Prototypes for a lightweight sports coupé were presented at various motor shows starting with the 1951 Frankfurt Motor Show. Production models followed between 1953 and 1955.

Trippel SK10

The story is quite a convoluted one that takes in a number of other related vehicles such as the little 750 Coupe of German designer Hans Trippel whose design is credited as the starting point for Marathon (Trippel above). Then there’s the Norwegian Troll, German Weidner Condor (below) and French Rosengart to name just the main ones.


It is said that Denis wanted to create a French Porsche 365. At that stage the 365 had just 1100cc and a similar weight. Certainly, the Marathon was rear-engined like the Porsche, achieved by relocating the 850cc flat-twin FWD Panhard Dyna motor behind the passenger compartment, driving the rear wheels…

Marathon Corsaire

Two models were listed; the Corsaire coupe and the Pirate roadster. However, I wonder if the roadster saw the light of day as no photos seem to exist.

Credited with a top speed of 92mph and being mid-rear engined with independent rear suspension, it should have given the early (1948-55) Porsche 365 a run for its money. Click the link to read the full article. Marathon Corsaire – Final

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