ECA Ah! – and others


View full article here: ECA – Final

ECA was the work of a young Fine Arts graduate Michel Pin. He hailed from the picturesque old city of Avignon in the south of France, was the key player in a company he set up called ECA. In his early years had wanted to train as a car designer which he achieved by studying mathematics, engineering mechanics drawing and modelling.

The ECA shown here is in fact one of his later cars, based on the ubiquitous VW Beetle that he set about turning into a proper performance car though light weight, low centre of gravity and a healthy dose of VW turning around engine and suspension.

However, many cars, proposals and models preceded this car, known rather jokingly as the Ah! They ranged from Panhard based sports cars to Jaguar, Rolls Royce and proposed alternatives to the Renault Espace and Fiat Punto. This work spanned over 30 years from 1965 forward, but Pin never seemed to land a knock-out punch, so to speak. The Ah was not finished until much later in 2007 where it was shown in the Avignon Motor Festival. There is a story of its own around this car’s long protracted birth.

There is not much more to be said without repeating verbatim what appears in the attached article. For your pleasure, please read!


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