LEM Moana

LEM Moana
LEM Moana

LEM Moana introduction                                   Click this link for full article: LEM Moana – Final

Launched at the end of 1971, the idea in its constructors mind was a basic sports car born out of the beach buggy concept. It was an idea that had started to gain some traction in other countries where VW buggies were popular. It was presented at the Auto Sport show in January 1972 as the LEM Design Moana.

After an uncertain start the final iteration of the car was released it in late 1972 by a company called Cornely whose main business was in making embroidery machines, but that was not all…

As is the normal European way, the Moana was not to be a basic set of moulds with shells sold off to would-be kitcar builders. The cars meet ECE compliance. This included full testing with all that’s involved…

The Moana fitted a full length unmodified VW Beetle pan and for simplicity uses most of the VW equipment except of some lighting, windscreen etc. For all this the car was lighter than a number of it’s competitors and came with various engine options, standard and tuned.

Not a huge number of cars were built, but indeed production did not even last two full years in which two different models were offered…

LEM Moana


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