GMFSA SL – Automobiles LM

GMFSA SL on right
GMFSA SL on right

GMFSA introduction

Click this link for full article:   GMFSA SL – Final

The GMFSA was launched at the Paris Motorshow in 1986 alongside the new Alpine GTA and mid-engined M.V.S. Venturi. It was mid-engined too and had much in common with the Matra Murena – seen main article for the details 🙂

It took the company until the end of 1987 to complete its first two prototypes, which gave an indication as to just how likely meaningful production would be reached.

The two principals for the car formed the company making the car. The companies name was SL, for good reason, as you shall read…

Engines were from the Renault R21 in four or six cylinder turbo form. There were plans to use newer upgraded 4-valve per cylinder versions of these PSA motors, but there were early teething issues with these uprated engines which weren’t resolved before the GMFSA project ‘went west”…

The GMFSA SL is a bit of an intriguing story, and not without considerable misrepresentation and misunderstanding of the general automotive reporting industry – going off half-cock is a term that comes to mind…

Because of all this it took some super sleuthing to get to the bottom of the tail, oops tale so to speak, and likewise regarding the limited photographic pool.

So at this stage I think it best I point you towards the full article and wish you enjoyable reading. Ah, and yes, is that 3-seats you can see through the front windscreen?


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