Dangel Mangouste


See Full article here: Dangel – Final

Henry Dangel, was probably better known in France for his 4×4 vehicle conversions  which he designed and used mainly on PSA vehicles..

Dangel’s originally trained as an electrical engineer, but his heart was in motorsport and innovative vehicle engineering. He was also an enthusiast to the core and remained to the end, a great guy to work with.

His first car, the Dangel Mangouste, emerged in 1967, with you guessed what car in its sites. This car was essentially a French equivalent of the Lotus 23, but was made usable for the road too. Later more focused models evolved from the Mangouste 812 that were essentially competition vehicles only.

Like so many low volume French sportscars of the era, it was powered by a sub 1300cc Renault Gordini engine. However, even dressed for the road, it weighed under 460kg, which resulted in a healthy performance envelope. Later cars used

There is much more to the story. Follow the link above to read for yourself.

Dangel’s tertiary training was that of an electrical
engineer, but his greatest interests and talent lay in
motorsport and vehicle engineering, where his electrical
background and fertile mind aligned with a good
comprehension of mechanical design. This led him first into
sportscar manufacturing and then into a revolutionary
form of four-wheel drive.

Chassis production

Chassis production

“I am more than ever fascinated by the
creative solutions and the really high-tech!” and
“Keeping in mind especially the design side of things, for
I have always loved working with my Swiss friend, the
coachbuilder Franco Sbarro!”
As a person, his workforce said of the man after his
death that he was not only a genuine certifiable
enthusiast right to the end, but was one with huge
passion for whatever he was doing… And having an even
temperament and good nature he was also a great
person to work for and work with. Similar sentiments
arose from the industry and enthusiast Motorsport fields



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